Prepare the Ground for Your Construction Project

Get rid of obstacles in Rough and Ready, CA or the surrounding area with timber falling services

Is there a big tree on your property that's threatening to fall on your home or powerlines? Are you about to embark on a new construction project in the Rough and Ready, CA area? Before you move forward, make room with timber falling services from Cyrus Tree Service. Our highly trained team can remove even the tallest trees from your site and turn them into valuable lumber.

Felling trees is easy with professional help. Get an estimate by contacting us today.

When will you need to fell that tree?

Felling trees is crucial if:

  • A tree on your property is growing too close to powerlines.
  • A tree on your property could fall on your home during a severe storm.
  • You need to create an open space for a new construction project.

Call 530-271-2000 now to arrange for timber falling services at your property in Rough and Ready, CA or the surrounding area.